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Data Entry Services

Data entry is the act of transcribing written documents into digital data, or transcribing one type of electronic data into another. Its not uncommon for some data entry outsourcing companies to outsource their work offshore to other data entry outsourcing providers, often not disclosing this fact to their clients. In general, the data entry work includes all kind of data to be entered in the digital format from the source file which can be either in paper form or any other medium.

We provide a Good quality data entry service with high accuracy within the time requirement. In general, the data entry work includes all kind of data to be entered in the digital format from the source file which can be either in paper form or any other medium.

Some of our data services are given below

Manual Data Entry

With the use technological aids, there are many easy ways available of doing this work accurately. Some manually created documents are very important and sensitive. So, their data entry needs to be done very carefully.

Product Data Entry

Some companies need to keep a record of the details of their products. For this the product data entry work is outsourced. The list of products along with their specifications is listed in an appropriate format for its easy access.

Accounting Data Entry

Many times the accounting work of some offices needs to be rechecked and recorded in a systematic manner. The accounting data entry services help you to get all your accounts cleared and ordered in any desired format like the spreadsheet.

Handwritten Data Entry

Data entry of handwritten papers into the desired digital format can help you to manage your documents effortlessly. This data entry service includes entering of data which is written on paper and its contents need to be converted in the digital format.

Data Capturing And Entering

The data converted from the hard copies to soft copies or entering data into the online systems are collected to form an enhanced database. This data collection work is included in the data capturing services.

Online Data Entry

Data entry work which is to be done online through portals or websites is included in the online data entry services. If the resource file is in soft copy format or on any web portal the data entry work of that is included in online data entry.

Offline Data Entry

Data entry work of conversion of hard copies of data into digital format is done under the offline data entry services. Data entered offline into computer software for the easy access of data with high accuracy help you to get your required data on time without much effort.

Insurance Claims Data Entry

Documents of the insurance claims are very important. Information regarding the insurance claims needs to be listed so that the information can be access easily. This complicated work of data entry of insurance claims is included in the insurance claims data entry services.

Database Data Entry

Having more than one database of any information can create confusion in its access. Thus you need to merge them and create a master database. The merge purge data entry services help you with the merging of databases and enhance it by eliminating the duplicate entries.

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